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I used to be a commercial photographer.

Over the years, I have worked on any number of projects for a wide range of clients: studio set-ups and on location for Sears, JC Penny, Montgomery Ward, Speigel, Hamm's Beer, Coleman, Ralston-Purina, Garelli Motorbikes. As my career progressed, I switched to photojournalism and covered stories for a number of national news publications - Newsweek, UPI, Parade, PC Week and MacWorld and other local and national publications. Blues music is one of my passions, and I documented the Chicago music scene for many years, with my main focus on Chicago-style blues and blues musicians. For some time I was the house photographer for James Cotton's Cotton Club.

Most recently, my focus has been on the rejuvenation and recovery of old Los Angeles' downtown business core, as it morphs from its troubled past as part of the infamous Skid Row area into a vibrant and modern urban living center.

Many of my photographs are meditations on the ordinary. I shoot the things that few really look at: the old, the worn, the tumble-down, things beginning their transformation into something else - the play of shadows as day turns to evening; shop fronts after closing and the customers gone home; the way the reflections in a window can challenge us to ask what is real and what is illusion. Occasionally I am afforded the rare privilege of having another person open up and reveal their real selves to my lens - eyeball to eyeball, as the cliche goes.

The galleries on this website feature some of the things that are important to me now. I hope that they help you to see what I saw.


FATHOM Gallery
110 East 9th Street
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Los Angeles, CA 90079 USA